Forex Log and Lumber
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Consistently Supplying Value

Forex is active in the British Columbia log market in two major fronts. First, as an active seller of the largest independent log supply on coastal British Columbia, Forex is keenly aware of current log values and ensuring that the maximum revenue from the wood is achieved. Second, Forex is an active seller of wood from other sources, and subsequently leverages knowledge and experience with Husby to ensure customers are consistently supplied value to their logs.

To ensure the company meets the diverse needs of its customers, the Forex Log Division is a full-service facilitator with capabilities of providing clients with a full range of log-oriented end-to-end services including:

  • Project Management / Coordination
  • Appraisal and Valuation of Standing Timber
  • Forestry Road and Block Cruising and Engineering
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Product Certification
  • Logging Costs Consulting
  • Supervision of Logging Process
  • Log Sorting and Merchandising
  • Transportation
  • Marketing
  • Follow up

Forex has direct access to a large group of established contractors whose combined history totals centuries of experience in harvesting timber in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly process. Furthermore, Forex conducts its business with the utmost integrity and ethics. By consistently supplying value, Forex maximizes the return to its clients.


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